Private Wireless Internet

For businesses in and around Telford, we may be able to provide private Internet connections based on our wireless technology. This service is based on having line-of-sight to our Data Center mast, located on Stafford Park. There are many benefits to a private Internet connection, including:

  • Speeds up to 100Mbps available
  • Zero contention
  • Monitored and supported by our local engineers
  • Option for dual, redundant links
  • Ability to run a private network over a single connection to equipment hosted in our Data Cetre


Point to Point Links

If you have several buildings that need to be connected to your network, wireless links may be the most effective solution. Short range wireless links are a reliable service and can provide up to 1Gbps full duplex throughput.

Our experienced network engineers can either configure the service as a layer 2 bridge, merging your network into one, or provide routing to keep seperate areas as standalone networks, and provide routing and firewall security between them.


Free Survey!

If you are interested in a private Internet connection or wireless point to point link, and are based near Telford, we will provide a free survey to assess viability and discuss applicable solutions.

Why Userve

Userve's wireless engineers have 20 years experience providing wireless connectivity, and have extensive knowledge of wireless protocols and systems.

We will not only make sure the wireless service is meeting your expectations, but also that it is within all WiFi regulations, using a clear channel, and set to the lowest power output to minimise possible effect on other local wireless users.