Userve Cloud VoIP

Our bespoke VoIP service has been designed from the ground up to provide all the functionality required for basic offices right through to complex deployments, while being simple to manage. As with all our services, our experienced engineers are always available to help you get everything working exactly as required.

With BT beginning to move away from analogue phone services, now is the perfect time to move your phones to an Internet based phone system.

Call us on 0333 8000 873 for more information or to request a quote.


Some of the default features include:

  • Choose between our enterprise SIP service which includes unlimited lines and 10 numbers by default, or our bundle service which is charged per line, but includes free calls to 01, 02, 03 numbers & UK mobiles
  • Professional on-hold music
  • Shared phonebooks and integrated caller ID to put names to your incoming calls
  • Customisable voice menus
  • Time of day routing
  • Unlimited conference rooms
  • Voicemail with email alerts
  • Ability to port in your existing phone numbers*


Features & Benefits

Cut the cord
Empower your business and remote workers with a telephony system to match. Receive or make calls from any location, via either a physical or soft-phone, along with free internal and site-to-site calls.

Support when you need it
The VoIP service comes with enterprise grade support, with quick access to the engineers who built the platform and know it inside-out.

Flexible in emergencies
What if the worst happens and the Internet connection to your business is lost? In the case of lost phone lines, all services would be unavailable. With a cloud service, remote workers can continue to make and receive calls, and on-site staff can use the mobile app or desktop soft-phones to get connected via a 4G or external WiFi service.

Simple online management
Configure your own phone system via the simple to use online portal, or drop us a line and let us do it for you. Advanced features such as huntgroups and interactive voice menus can be configured at the click of a button.



Bespoke On-Site Solutions

If you do not want to use a cloud based solution, we can also provide bespoke on-site PBX systems with an associated VoIP service. This keeps the entire solution on premises, and can support hundreds of phones. Please contact us for more information or a bespoke quote.

Why Choose Userve VoIP

VoIP removes the need to manage aging internal phone systems or telephone wiring. All you need is an Internet connection, and your phone service is available from anywhere.

Our Customer Portal allows you to set up interactive menus, alter routing based on the time of day, and much more.


*Transferring existing phone numbers over to the VoIP service may incur a charge based on the current provider. An Internet connection is required for the VoIP service to work, although mobile apps & soft-phones can be used anywhere, over both fixed or mobile connections.