Website & Email Hosting

Userve have been providing website & email hosting for 20 years and our staff are experts in providing and supporting these services. Unlike many providers, we are here to help diagnose and fix problems with you website or email services that may require hiring 3rd party support otherwise.

If required, we can provide bespoke hosting services to support custom applications or business requirements.

  • Hosted in the UK in our private Data Centre
  • Premium support via telephone, email or our customer portal
  • Bespoke services for higher performance websites or those with specific requirements
  • Resilient multi-server platform with >99.99% uptime
  • Backup included
  • Standard POP3, IMAP & website access for email accounts


Dedicated Support

Our experienced engineers are always on hand to help get your website online, and provide support with any issues. If needed, we can delve into the code or logs to see exactly what it going on under the hood.

Backup Included

Many providers offer backup as an additional service. In the event of a problem, customers are expected to rely on having their own up-to-date copy of their website & emails.

At Userve we make sure that in the event of a problem, we can restore every service, exactly as it was. To this end, we store local and offsite copies of all data we hold. We also store snapshots, so if you overwrite or delete something by accident, we can retrieve a copy for you.