Structured Cabling

While wireless networking is starting to make in-roads for workers using mobile or tablet devices, good network infrastructure is still vital to make sure critical infrastructure stays connected, and staff can work as efficiently as possible.

Userve can provide full structured cabling installation, from helping plan locations and cable runs, to installing cabling, racks, as well as providing and configuring network equipment.



Configuration & Support Benefits

As a fully fledged Internet Service Provider, we can not only install cabling, but can also provide Internet connectivity, as well as all the equipment required to get your network up and running. We can also provide Internet based phone services or on-site VoIP systems via our Internet Telephony Services.

By providing the full range of services, you have one source of support for your entire network and Internet service. You no need to ring round several suppliers to get to the bottom of a fault, repeatedly being told you need to ring someone else - sometimes not even being sure who is responsible for each part of your system. We always provide managed network equipment and can quickly diagnose problems remotely, wherever the fault is.

Book A Survey

If you have a reqiurement for structured/network cabling, either as part of a new install or just to provide additional network points, give us a call today for a free survey.

Our engineers will look for the best way to achieve your requirements and provide a no obligation quote.

What Is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling is the term for network cabling that can be used either for computer networks or telephony, and provides the backbone for reliable connectivity inside a business.

Userve can provide cabling to meet any of the current standards, supporting 10Gbit speeds if required, depending on your requirements and budget.